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Lits réglables:
Adjustable Base Max
À partir de Price: C$ 1,995 Sale Price: C$ 1,796
Offert en 4 sizes
Adjustable Base
À partir de Price: C$ 1,095 Sale Price: C$ 986
Offert en 5 sizes
Adjustable Base Pro
À partir de Price: C$ 1,295 Sale Price: C$ 1,166
Offert en 4 sizes
Cadres de lit:
Upholstered Bed Frame
À partir de Price: C$ 795 Sale Price: C$ 716
Queen or King
The Foundation
À partir de Price: C$ 349 Sale Price: C$ 314
Offert en 6 sizes
Casper Repose Bed Frame
À partir de Price: C$ 1,045 Sale Price: C$ 941
Offert en 3 sizes
Cadre de lit en métal
À partir de Price: C$ 139 Sale Price: C$ 125
Offert en 5 sizes
Têtes de lit amovibles:
Bliss Attachable Headboard
À partir de Price: C$ 795 Sale Price: C$ 716
Queen or King
Drift Attachable Headboard
À partir de Price: C$ 549 Sale Price: C$ 494
Queen or King
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Nos matelas sont compatibles avec la plupart des configurations. Si vous êtes habitué à un sommier traditionnel (ressorts et bois), nous recommandons cependant d’utiliser notre sommier, qui offre la surface plate et régulière pour un matelas en mousse.

Frequently Asked

With so many different types of bed frames, that really depends on you! If you don’t know which type of bed frame to choose for your bedroom, our Casper Sleep Experts have the best buying advice. There are several important considerations to think about across all bed frames:

  • Sturdy slat system or platform to avoid creaking and instability
  • The right support type for your mattress
  • An appropriate height for you
  • Quality materials for legs and frame
  • Style, including color, material, and design

Don’t know which is the right bed frame for you? At Casper, we have a variety of bedroom furniture to complement your lifestyle. There are almost unlimited options when it comes to bed frames, but here are four standard types, one of which is sure to suit your bedroom:

  • Foundation + Metal Bed Frame – A durable, modern bed frame design with a simple look.
  • Upholstered Bed Frame – Silent, sturdy support with a cozy, fabric-wrapped appearance.
  • Adjustable Bed Frame – A remote-controlled bed frame that can transform into several different pressure-relieving positions.
  • Platform Bed Frame – A thick, sturdy base typically low to the ground.

On average, simple solid wood or metal bed frames cost around $200 to $300. However, this often doesn’t include a box spring or mattress foundation, which can add an additional $500+ to your price tag. Casper’s six unique bed frame-support system combos can fit a range of budgets, from $250 for our simplest foundation to our most luxurious upholstered design starting at $1,395. Adjustable bed frames cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 or more—Casper’s innovative design starts at just $945.

The best bed frame materials are durable, such as solid, properly-joined wood and metal or steel. However, there’s also an aesthetic component to selecting a material, based on the style of your bedroom decor:

Everyone’s different! Your ideal bed size will depend on your lifestyle, how many people share the bed, the size of your bedroom, your bedroom decor, and your personal preferences. Here’s a basic guide to making the right choice:

  • Best bed frame for kids: Twin size bed frames are perfect for kids! They provide all the space your child needs, while leaving room for multiple beds or play areas.
  • Best bed frame for couples: Queen size bed frames are designed to comfortably fit two people. Queens are typically the best bed size for couples, but depending on how much you or your partner likes to move around, you might fare better with a king size bed frame. King bed frames and California kings are also great for people over six feet tall who need a few extra inches of length.
  • Best bed frame for small spaces: Full bed frames are slightly smaller than queen bed frames and fit better in smaller areas like apartments and guest bedrooms.
  • Best bed frame for a single adult: For single adults, full size bed frames provide plenty of room to sleep comfortably, while also leaving space in your bedroom for other furniture.

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