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Snow Mattress

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20% OFF

20% OFF

Here’s how The Snow unlocks your coolest night’s sleep—for even better tomorrows:

  • Snow Technology™ combines HeatDelete™ Bands, Phase Change Material, and a CoolTouch Cover to keep you cooler all night.
  • Casper Signature Foam with AirScape® Technology increases airflow and soothes you to sleep.
  • Zoned Support™ uses 3 ergonomic zones to provide support and spinal alignment.
  • Hybrid Technology pairs springs and foam for the perfect balance of comfort and support.

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Engineered to move heat away 20% faster.*

*Based on Casper Labs testing comparing Casper Snow to The Casper over an 12-hour period.

Comfort to help you find your sleepy place.

CoolTouch Cover

Engineered with specialized cooling yarn to move heat away 20% faster for an instantly refreshing feel.

Casper Edge Support

A firm foam edge around the mattress makes getting in and out of bed easier.

Welcome to Casper Labs.

See how we obsessively engineer every detail of your perfect mattress.


Honestly this mattress is the perfect firmness to softness ratio. Usually I have lumbar pain and I've been sleeping on this for a week and feel fabulous!" - Emily H.

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