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Mid Loft Pillows:
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Hybrid Pillow with Snow Technology™
From Price: C$ 199 Sale Price: C$ 179
Standard or King
Our most innovative pillow now gives you 12+ hours of cooler sleep.
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Original Pillow
From Price: C$ 89 Sale Price: C$ 80
Standard or King
Our dreamy down-alternative pillow that is both soft and supportive.
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Essential Cooling Pillow
From Price: C$ 79 Sale Price: C$ 71
Soft, supportive, and comfortably cool.
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Essential Pillow
From Price: C$ 60 Sale Price: C$ 54
Standard or King
Soft on the outside, supportive on the inside.
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Down Pillow
From Price: C$ 189 Sale Price: C$ 170
Standard or King
Our fluffiest pillow yet, filled with ethically-sourced down for luxurious comfort.
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Hybrid Pillow
From Price: C$ 129 Sale Price: C$ 116
Standard or King
Marshmallowy soft, unique foam + fiber design.
Low Loft Pillows:
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Foam Pillow with Snow Technology™
From Price: C$ 189 Sale Price: C$ 170
Standard or King
Our most supportive pillow now gives you 12+ hours of cooler sleep.
10% OFF
Foam Pillow
From Price: C$ 119 Sale Price: C$ 107
Standard or King
Our most supportive pillow aligns your head and neck for all-night comfort.
Body Pillows:
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Backrest Pillow
From Price: C$ 159 Sale Price: C$ 143
Aligns your back for proper posture and support.

The pillows of your dreams

Made for all sleep positions

Made for all sleep positions

Whether you sleep on your back, front,
or side, Casper pillows are designed to
support you.
Thoughtfully designed

Thoughtfully designed

Our design team pored over every detail
to ensure optimal support and comfort.
Easy to care for

Easy to care for

The Down Pillow, Original Casper Pillow,
and cover of the Foam Pillow are
machine washable.

Frequently Asked

When shopping around for pillows, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Pillow Loft: This is the compressed height of the pillow when your head is resting on it. You’ll typically find low, or medium loft options.
  • Firmness of pillow material: Different materials will vary in firmness. How firm you prefer your pillow can play a role in your personal comfort level.
  • The firmness of your mattress: This is a very important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. The softer your mattress is, the lower your pillow should be.
  • Your normal sleeping position: Your go-to sleeping position will determine the ideal pillow loft for you. Typically, you will need a higher loft pillow when you sleep more on your side compared to on your back.
  • Your weight and shoulder width: The width of your shoulders and your weight can help you determine the pillow loft you should be looking for. The wider your shoulders, the higher your pillow should be. Likewise, the heavier you are, the more likely you are to sink into the mattress which will leave you needing a lower pillow. 

Learn more in our guide on how to choose a pillow.

Our research shows nearly everyone shifts around during the night, so Casper set out to design pillows that can accommodate all sleep positions. Whether you like to sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you’ll feel supported by our our pillows.

If you’re prone to side sleeping:

Firmer fill and material: Having a pillow with soft fill will make your head sink in and put pressure back on your shoulder — giving you a stiff neck in the morning. Firm material can be anything from foam to a heavy-duty down alternative.

Low or Mid loft: The most important thing for side sleepers to look for is a pillow loft that will align your head, neck, and spine, and take some pressure off the shoulder.

If you’re prone to back sleeping:

Mid loft: Medium-firm material paired with a low or medium loft is perfect for back sleepers. One important thing to keep in mind is sleeping high enough on the pillow to support your neck fully.

If you’re prone to stomach sleeping:

Soft & compressible fill: Feather or down pillows will give you a cushy feel while not being too firm. Sleeping on a foam or other firm pillow will prop your head higher than it should be, which can lead to aches.

Low loft: The higher loft you have, the more craned your head can become which also pushes the rest of your body out of a neutral alignment.

Cleaning our pillows is easy! The Down and Original Casper Pillows are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low with dryer balls or clean tennis balls. The Foam Pillow has a machine washable outer pillow cover, and the foam can be spot cleaned. We recommend you wash your pillows every 3-6 months.

Learn more in our guide on how to wash pillows.

Ideally, you should replace your pillows every one to two years, but this time frame can vary based on several factors. Below are some reasons why you may need to replace your pillow:

  • Pillows can get pretty dirty: While we sleep, the oils and debris from our skin become embedded in our pillow (and not just the pillowcase—the actual pillow).
  • Your pillow has lost its shape: As our pillows age, they tend to lose their shape. This goes double if you fold, bend, or squeeze your pillows at night.
  • Your pillow just isn’t comfy anymore: Your pillow’s purpose is to provide comfort and support as you drift off to dreamland. No matter what anyone says about how long pillows last, if your pillow’s not fulfilling the reason for its existence, it’s time to retire it. 

Learn more in our guide on how often to change pillows.

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