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For the love of sleep

From disrupting the mattress industry to innovating new technology that helps you rest uninterrupted, everything we do at Casper is for the love of sleep.

Welcome to Casper Labs

Where engineers, designers, and researchers obsess over every detail of your best rest.

Prototyping and testing machines

Product tests (not counting snoozes)

Researchers, scientists, and engineers

Discover our secret sleep formula.

Get Cozy

Casper comfort starts long before you get into bed. We tirelessly test our covers, quilts, and foams to create the Signature Casper Feel that helps you find your sleepy place.

Fall Asleep

To prepare you for drift off, our engineers combine cradling foam to soothe you to sleep with multi-zone support in just the right places, so you don’t just fall asleep, but fall asleep faster.

Stay Asleep

When it comes to your deepest rest, we leave nothing to chance. Advanced cooling eliminates the interruptions of night sweats, while ergonomically supportive layers keep you aligned and asleep in any position.

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Which mattress is right for you?

What's cooler than cool?

2 in 3 people say that temperature disrupts their sleep. So, Casper Labs took a look under the covers to analyze how heat and humidity move throughout the night.

Snow Technology™ To create a 5º cooler sleep environment, our engineers had to sweat every detail:

  • HeatDelete™ Bands continuously pull excess heat and humidity away for 12+ hours.
  • A CoolTouch Cover moves heat away 20% faster for an instantly cool feel.
  • Phase Change Material and AirScape® Technology work together to keep you cool.

*Based on Casper Labs testing comparing Casper Snow to The Casper over an 12-hour period.

**Based on Casper Labs testing comparing the CoolTouch cover to the Cozy Knit cover.

Only in the new Snow mattress.

The Casper Mattress
From  $999 
Available in 6 sizes
Snow Mattress
From  $2199 
Available in 6 sizes
Original Hybrid Mattress
From  $1399 
Available in 6 sizes
Atlas Hybrid Mattress
From  $899 
Available in 6 sizes

Meet the NEW Snow mattress.

Optimized with our most innovative cooling technology. Make sure to bring a blanket.

The mattress that started it all is back.

See how The Casper gives you your best night's rest for our best price.

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The ergonomist is in.

Read which sleeping posture our ergonomist recommends and more.

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Elevate your sleep game

Original Casper Pillow
From  $89 
Standard or King
The Humidity Fighting Duvet
From  $400 
Available in 3 sizes
Hybrid Pillow
From  $129 
Standard or King
Waterproof Mattress Protector
From  $109 
Available in 5 sizes

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